Get to know better … Raúl Hebles

Get to know better … Raul Hebles

Today we are fortunate to interview the player Raul Hebles gerundense, one of the best national pool players and recent finalist in the 1st round of the Cup of Spain circuit 10 Masterpool Ball

Does it come your love for billiards Since when?

My hobby is me at 12 years old. I was a quiet but moved kid, I liked sports and played soccer, football and I was training to be runner with neighbors, also to Taekwondo (green belt / blue). That all it changed when my father and my sister already had one year playing Blackball (pool 51) decided to buy a table and put it at home. I did not know what was the pool and after a week watching them play my sister and my father, I decided to start playing hide and seek when coming from school. A week is caught playing me, this was stunned that pointed me to the championship of Gerona second rate. It was my first tournament and my first win, for me one of the most beautiful and I still remember and keep remembering. 

Raul Hebles In A Game Of Pool    Raul Hebles Hitting The Ball

 What you most passionate about this sport?

I love the game system, I love how you can meet many people and different cultures, I love the crowds worth, I love how well we had in any tournament …. I love almost everything and I tell you something else, I hate envy and hatred we do very good lifelong friendships and far away, I hate that.

 What are the ways you practice?

I focus a lot on making quality training, but I practice all the modalities American. Rotation, 14.1, Ball 8-9-10, One pocket, bank pool, carom 3 bands (American table), etc …. When I have the chance I like to play some snooker tournament Blackball and if I can combinármelo.

 What brand taco you usually play? Would you would you change to another?

Predator, Mezz, Longoni … I would change any brand if I sponsor and help me to compete internationally as the Eurotours, etc … All tacos are tools and as such some help you have better things or help make future … but really which strip is one. If I sponsor Brooms Don Miguel and allowed me to live this … Now I say that you train with that broom kicks up to three tables .. lol

How often do you play every week? Do you think it is enough to improve your game?

Everything depends on the tournament, if I have a close tournament I enter one week a couple of hours every day, but I train when I can and when the family permits. I focus a lot on quality training, and the truth that not only maintain my level of play. If I could dedicate myself to this day 6-8h would train as a job and that if it would be different. Well as I say with no need quality training these barbarities, not only to keep but to improve.

What club you play normally? Do you think it is well conditioned for playing pool?

Not play in any club, I have a table at home in a very large garage. It is not conditioned for playing pool, but it’s what I have and what I adapt me. As they say it is not the strongest that survives, but the one that first adapts to the environment.

What do you think they should do billiard clubs to attract more players?

Make attractive systems for the player. Training is very expensive and you have to try to make a compromise between your business and the interests of the players themselves. In that balance is the key. Especially to do school and teach new generations of billiard players. And always try to give competition within the club, with qualifiers, pyramids, bring “Pepito” to teach or exhibitions, etc …

Raul Hebles Receiving An Award   Raul Hebles Hitting A Ball

What has been your best game or tournament?

Best tournament I have many after so many years. Perhaps one of the most complete was in 2007 the CEP International Open championships in Spain Lugo, against Magid. It was a game where I was winning with many series 7-2 against where I traced with 5 series to 7-7 where I wanted to cheat and pitarme a fault that did not exist. Arguing got to stand up to 30 minutes! I decide to ask for time there and when I return, it requires time. Total stand another 30 minutes. Back, forth, I ended the game and won the match. 

The best game is not the best, but it is one that I will remember for many circumstances. It was in Villa de Madrid, Saturday night where we play for money David Alcaide and me. There was 3.600e euros at stake in that game 17 Won. I was witnessing the whole tournament game and I remember as cheering and shouting when he won a game. I ended up winning that game 17-11 playing very well, and always remember as it seemed that moved the Masterpool Madrid when he won a game. AMAZING!  

Have you always had confidence in your game or, on the contrary, we have entered moments of doubt?

I’ve always had confidence, ever doubts … but doubt anything. Moreover, we must hesitate to try to improve and improve yourself every day. Mostly I was hesitant 4-5 Years ago by my vision problems. I decided to change my whole way of playing to adapt my game to that “disability”.

 Have you had the opportunity to compete outside Spain?

Yes, I raced off, I have not competed even a quarter of what other players have competed, but I can not complain because I have always played motivated and that helped me make very good results.

What is the player that you look to try to improve your game?

I look at everything and everyone. I like to watch online Ephrem, Bustamante, Shane, Orcollo. But I improve around the world, if you, who are reading this … I’m sorry but you also improve, haha. Ephrem life spent in pool halls … and in his time trained a lot and when he stopped to rest or eat, sit and see people playing there to have a good time and had no idea of ​​play. People asked him why he looked at these people. He said that these people just do not know and strikes as often wrong, sometimes take balls and incredible effects, which I can study and apply them in their game. If the magician snooker I think so not to be outdone.

Tell us a story that has happened playing pool

There are many good, bad and funny. With permission from my friend Ephrem Bustos (skilful player and a better person), we were in Vegas, he was playing with an American who is winning him, but he is winning him because he was having a tremendous luck, bouncing balls, fail and capped, placed perfect and did not want to. Let everything imaginable, Efrén with his good play and good work him back in the game and to win Calving have a little luck in placing and starts screaming OOHH American Good Lucky! Good Lucky! Like a man possessed all pissed off and Efren says; “As Lucky, Lucky YOU! Lucky TU! Hahahhaa it was super funny, and I see in Vegas crawling on the floor laughing so much.

Raul Hebles Receiving An Award   Raul Hebles At The Awards Ceremony Circuit Tour Spain

How do you see the health of the sport in Spain today?

Currently, very bad. When was the Superliga Showsports, that reflotaba pool or sank for a few years. So it has been. 

Why do you think has lowered the participation of players in national tournaments?

Money, remember that the pool is an expensive sport. If there is less money, fewer participants, fewer sponsors, less prizes … everything is a wheel.

Where do you think you can be the solution?

Things always do my best and everything in its time comes. Now under the same my view the Federation Masterpool on track. 

Why do you think that in Spain the pool is not a very attractive sport for the media?

It is a matter of culture. Well here in Spain sesame neighborhood along with the color of money have cast a lot of damage. The Spanish culture is going to the bar … but go to the bar to drink, eat, etc … not to play sports.

What would you say to young people so that he was encouraged to practice?

If you want money playing poker, if you want a challenge playing chess, if you want to have fun salt party, but if otherwise want everything else a little bit and also the feeling of playing God, billiards is your sport . 

Is there anything you’d like to add ..

Yes. I would like people to do a little self – criticism at all, why this and why that. Think that this is so and not the other way, and not swallow the first thing I say with a little face and eyes. I also wanted to add a very important thing … no good sports equipment can not play … so you know; . Poolmania and thank you very much to congratulate him on his magnificent page  

Thanks to Raul Hebles for your time and for the interview. Now that we know better?

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