Top 10 designer billiard tables for the home

Top 10 billiard tables designer for the home

Artwork made pool table. Taste for elegance, design and good taste. Unique pieces available for a privileged few who have the opportunity to draw his pool cue on some rugs dream.

If you had the opportunity, what table design you give your home?

This is our Top 10 that will put you “long teeth”:

 1- Mesa pyramid Vivaldi . Design and Italian flair for elegant and modern houses. It is specific to the game of pool and Russian pyramid stands out for its excellent combination of leather and wood.

Designed by Italian architects Enzo Pozzoli and Giuliano Cappelletti in collaboration Italian brand Longoni .

 Retail price: 25,194 euros


2- Table antiqua . Exclusive and original design available in multiple formats. Made with walnut and inlaid medallions hand. Table holes are closed by “figureheads” made from original molds. Pure beauty J

PVP: 20,869.20 euros


3- Pool Table P40 . Multifunctional table available in various materials (wood, steel, glass and plexiglass) and colors. Multifunctional and adaptable to different areas of the house.

also designed by Italian architects, it can be tailored and color you want.

Retail price: 11,990 euros


4- Table VL89 . Pool table contemporary style with solid wood structure supported by cast iron.

Ideal for both households and exclusive clubs. It is available for pool and carom on 8 and 9 FT.

RRP: 7,225.68 euros (measures 254 × 117) 

RRP: 6,640.20 euros (measures 224 × 112)


5- Mesa Medea . Ideal for any environment: modern and classic. It made of solid wood and multi – function is also available in multiple formats.

Combines strength and elegance the same time, thanks largely to its 4 turned legs.

PVP: 6232.20 euros


6- Table Versailles . Clear and timeless elegant Louis XVI style table where you can play pool or carom.

Made entirely by hand and with exquisite taste for lovers of this type of tables.

PVP: 4581.84 euros


7- Table Balmoral . English style style, ideal for classic dining rooms with solid wood furniture and paneling.

Massiv wood structure and 4 legs connected with a central portion, which make this table have a perfect stability. Heather has inlaid poplar.

PVP: 4347.24 euros


8- Mesa Al 2010 . With a clear, modern and linear design. This table, like much of this style, can be converted into a dining table or office.

It can be used to play pool or billiards carom

PVP: 3918.84 euros


9- Mesa Black / White Elephant. Elegant, functional and with a glossy black that draws attention. It is also available in matte color.

Used to play pool or carambola, it is made with plywood and has steel legs, powder coated, which are adjustable to ensure a perfect balance.

Retail price: 3,519 euros


10- Mesa Red Devil Wenge. Inspired by the classic version of “Red Devil”. It’s a scratch resistant table thanks to the formica with wenge and edging in the same color.

Valid for playing pool or carambola, is situated in the range of lower prices of such tables.

Retail price: 2,040 euros


This is our Top 10 pool tables for home design. What is the one you like?


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