20 things you should not do in the pool

For the good of billiards or to maintain your billiard karma, there are certain behaviors that are best avoided. Question of principles. In today’s article you will discover 20 things that you should not do in the pool, and why. Prepared? Go for them!

By David Muñoz

  1. Try a stratospheric massé like Semih Sayginer or Florian Kholer: it can be the end of the mat.
  2. Place the coca-cola on the band or, worse, on the mat: the head of the club can make use of his right of admission and you stay with the desire to continue playing.
  3. Play an impossible shot because someone (usually of the opposite sex) is watching the game and want to impress: you’re going to fail.
  4. Drop any of these50 excuses after failing: no one will believe you.
  5. Move, look at the mobile or try to mislead the opponent in any way while you are about to shoot: it is a lack of respect.
  6. Throw a ball without knowing what you will do next: it is suicide.
  7. Complain like a small child and blame the balls, the table, the chalk or the cue: all that negative energy is like a frisbie, it will turn around and come back to you.
  8. Play a lot of money against someone you do not know anything about: it can be a Paul Newman.
  9. Move a ball with your hand on purpose, do not sing a foul committed or do anything else to win the game at all costs: it is to be very cheating.
  10. Try an impossible combination in ball 9 to put the nine and finish the fast game: you will fail the combo and you will leave it to egg to the rival so that the goal him.
  11. Losing sight of the studs: someone can piss them off and then you will have lost sight of them forever.
  12. Confidence in excess because the ball you have to throw is the sea of ​​easy: you can take the worst displeasure of your life billiard.
  13. To believe that it is impossible to win the rival you have to face: that way you will never beat it.
  14. Try a jump shot in competition when half a year ago you do not practice in training: they will jump balls in the air.
  15. Scratch the arrow with a sandpaper: you will load it.Better clean itlike that .

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  1. Losing the score: you will remember him if you reach the hill-hill and the opponent makes you a suit.
  2. Do not put serve ball: it is as important as missing a straight ball.
  3. Invite a trial world champion to make his exhibition (with the bike) on the pool table: unless you plan to change the mats.
  4. Buy the best pool table on the market and equip it with a set of white label balls: get some goodAramith, please.
  5. Go to the championship without your cue board because you have left it in the club and now it is closed: they will think (rightly) that you are a nerd.

Well, did you commit any of these 20 billiard “crimes”? I await your anecdotes in the comments

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