Top 7 billaristic arrow

Top 7 billaristic arrow

Rigid, resilient, rolled, perfectly straight, with low deflection … These are some of the characteristics that define the best arrows a billiard cue. In today’s article we highlight seven of them with very good performance for Pool players. There goes the Top 7 billiard arrows:

Mezz Arrow Wx900

By David Muñoz

1- Predator 314 3 (344’90 €)

Although the quality has gone down in recent years and give more problems than usual, the Predator 314 is still one of the best arrows Pool market. A lack of testing the third generation with V-Tek technology, I have experience playing with 2 and 314 change from any standard arrow is abysmal. It is very durable and just need to correct deflection. Forces less shots, so you reduce greatly the risk of failure.

2- Predator Z3 (366’90 €)

The same quality of 314 but with a diameter of arrow and bottom sole, 11.85 mm. This change in dimensions makes it more demanding than others at first arrow but allows more precise play and more control over the effects. A large arrow for high level players.

3- Mezz WX900 (220’50 €)

If the Mezz cues are increasingly good reputation, not their arrows fall short. The WX900 is one of the pearls with a tip diameter of 12mm and taper Pro that improves the game each player. The Mezz ISS technology increases accuracy and rotation generated. The Mezz WX900 is also known for not having little deflection.

4- Mezz Hybrid Pro 2 (256’20 €)

Another great Mezz arrow that has a combination of a hybrid carbon core and front-end technology to offer the best performance and lowest deflection white. Many top European players use both WX900 and the Hybrid Pro 2.

5- OB Pro + (270’90 €)

An arrow similar to the Predator Z for its smaller diameter, 11.75 mm. So that the top is lighter, the OB Pro + incorporates a foam core and a cap of wood. It’s a big arrow ultralow deflection, also widely used by many professionals ..   

6- Meucci “The Pro” ($ 275)

Claims to be such a good arrow and as low deflection as the Z2, but with a larger diameter more comfortable for most players: 12.5 mm. It takes part of the hydraulic bushing. The arrow is a solid piece of hard maple or laminated part 37 to a greater weight balance.

7- Lucasi Hybrid (209’60 €)

The latest technology ultra-low deflection, the arrow Lucasi Hybrid carries a soft Kamui soleta and cap Flex Zero Point. Those who use it say it is a big arrow and transmits them confidence. We will have to try it.

Write in the comments arrow you use and what has brought you in your game.

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