Get to know better … José Manuel Gómez

Get to know better … Jose Manuel Gomez

José Manuel Gómez , one of the best national players artistic billiards is the protagonist in this interview. José Manuel has recently joined sponsored players Poolmania and the Italian brand Longoni .

Does it come your fondness for artistic billiards Since when?

In my case my hobby pool is very young, I was very lucky that my father José A. Gómez Soria (El Fino) practiced it from 14 years in Elche, in a few years was recognized as the best player and the most complete and playing at a high level to all types of pool including the pool. The first time I played was at the age of about 7 years and was a local who rode my father had several tables where carom billiards and pool. Hence my father gave me the opportunity to initiate me with good supply and giving me lessons from the first moment. 

What you most passionate about this sport?

What fascinates me most is the feeling I have when I’m in front of a table and I realize the great difficulty that dominate and have great control of the movements of the balls by cloth. It is an art in which the predominant technique mechanism, concentration and necessary precision when hitting the ball with sense.

What are the ways you practice?

I have practiced and competed in the categories of games series: Libre, Table 47/2, Banda, 3 bands and artistic billiards or Fantasy. I also loved playing pool. Currently only compito in 3 bands and artistic.

How often do you play every week? Do you think it is enough to improve your game?

The numbers total hours is important but racing over the years have learned to measure the quality of the training and not the hours spent, it is more fruitful than the crushed without further. I always say that I do not play … training. 

What club you play normally?

Billiard clubs in Alicante that game League and the National Honor Club Billiards Caseta Nova in which I compete in League of Honor of Valencia.

Have you always had confidence in your game or, on the contrary, we have entered moments of doubt?

Generally speaking player in my career I’ve had a lot of confidence in my game, I’ve had a blip due to introduce new game concepts and game rhythm.  

What has been your best game or tournament?

My best game in the mode 3-band managed to finish an official match in 40 caroms in 15 innings (2.666 average) performing a series of 18 caroms.

Possibly my best tournament in the category of Arts was in Barcelona where I won the gold at the end of the GP of Spain against several times world champion Xavier Fonellosa.

In 3-band mode my best tournament was the Championship of Spain who won the final against Dani Sanchez was already the best player in the junior world then. There are others, but the truth is that it is not easy to opt for one.

What is the player that you look to try to improve your game?

In 3-band mode which fixed me and I analyze his game is Frédéric Caudron. In the form of artistic billiards I look at Jean Reverchon.

Tell us a story that has happened playing pool

Anecdotally I always like to remember one that I lived when I was 15, then was studying in high school whom I traveled by bike and … .os story, my father at that time was Professor pool of a private club called the Malabusca where billiard championships, dances, exhibitions, etc … we were organized, a place where businessmen from Elche had an excellent way to have a great time with friends. BACKGROUND: My father would organize a championship pool open in which they have great prizes and champion a pool table would take with leather pockets valued at 450,000 pesetas then. The Malabusca club decided that my father was the teacher could not participate and when my father gave me the chance I play this tournament and I stated the following: If you want to play the championship I pay the registration and help you to prepare to compete well and have a chance to win the table. I said yes without hesitation and knew that if he won, the would sell for good money to a friend and with that money I would buy a motorbike to commute to school that made me very excited. Well, it came the championship and I was going rounds to reach the final. Friends … I remember passing each round is as if the bike was taking shape. Jajajja .. What good memories! Then came the final in which the concentration gave me the confidence to win 5-0. Ah … the cue with which I was champion was a model Longoni brussels, 25 years later thanks to Poolmania esponsorozado I lugged the large Italian firm Longoni.

How do you see the health of artistic billiards in Spain?

At the moment it is maintained by delivering players are competing in the Tour of Spain, federations through difficult times but I think this cycle will change for the better and errors that have been committed not again have. The level is fantastic and I predict that even better, in Spain we have a great human quality players. We have to be positive and keep looking forward for the sake of this fantastic sport that unites us. 

What do you think can be done to increase player participation in national tournaments?

Shortening days of competition because many work and can not always be arranged to attend. This is something that can improve participation from my point of view, has the disadvantage that the same or more players would have to play in fewer days and would be more marathon for everyone. 

Another important thing would work more on finding sponsors for the championships that support organizational costs and prizes to players. This is a great handicap we have to overcome.

What do you think they can do billiard clubs to attract more players?

I think the key is that each club should have a teacher pool which encourage new members and spend some time tomorrow to visit schools to attract young people. In this respect I speak from personal experience, I had for 8 years a municipal school of pool in Elche with a perfectly conditioned room for teaching pool and carom billiards. They spent a hundred children aged from 7 to 12 years. In my case it was a success and many of those who still practice di-class billiard clubs or pool halls. In those years also also he wore the formation of carom players of Valencia, and firmly believe that this is the secret.

The key is young, they are the present and future. Do not you think?

What would you say to young people so that he was encouraged to practice?

Which is a fascinating sport, you’ll enjoy the difficulty. That when you buy your first cue you will realize that it is an extension of your body when you play and tell you that arouse more interest. Well … humbly that’s my opinion.

Is there anything you’d like to add ..

I would like to thank you for this interview you have done to me has made me remember many things that make me happy. Also thanks for sponsoring me to Poolmania and Longoni for the trust you have placed in me and be part of this big family. 

Finally, thank you to all Poolmania friends who have read this interview, I hope you liked it and you know you can count on me and my experience as a player and teacher. Thank you! A hug to all and see you soon.

Thanks to José Manuel for the time dedicated to us for this interview ?

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