Get to know better … Kharim Robles

Get to know better … Kharim Robles

Today we will have the opportunity to learn in depth to gaditano player Kharim Robles. Common in many national circuit testing pool is sincere in this interview

Does it come your love for billiards Since when?

It was 12 when my parents opened a billiard room. There I began to throw my first balls

What you most passionate about this sport?

Compete and feel the work and effort has been rewarded

What are the ways you practice?

All. 8, 9 and 10, always at 9 feet

What brand taco you usually play? Would you would you change to another?

5280 with the arrow laminated shapshooter. At present I have in mind switch to Predator P3 with 3.14

How often do you play every week? Do you think it is enough to improve your game?

2 hours a day playing normally. Earlier this year I moved to work at the Balabushka Room Salamanca, and try to carry forward the pool in that city, so my hours spent pool will rise significantly. Anxious to know what the result of more hours of training

What club you play normally? Do you think it is well conditioned for playing pool?

I usually play in the club pool D’luque in La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz) with a 9-foot table and 2 July 2 feet, although as I said, from January undertake a new life in Salamanca. The room is perfectly equipped for playing billiards with 5 tables dinamic III, one of 7 feet and carom. I want to thank Luismi, Jorge and Josito for giving me this opportunity

Interview With Kharim Robles      Interview With Kharim Robles

What do you think they should do billiard clubs to attract more players?

Courses free initiation facilities when train (hourly rate according to the times of crisis we) and kind attention to every player

What has been your best game or tournament?

There have been many good times we’ve lived in the pool. As for best game, which I did to qualify for the Vegas 2012 against Artemio Legend, starting with a closed end I finished and gave me the pass to the world championship VNEA.

And in the Championship of Spain came in 2012. No full powers as he had personal problems, but I managed to pull forces and be champion of Spain

Have you always had confidence in your game or, on the contrary, we have entered moments of doubt?

Every player pool usually has ups and downs in his game. As far as I’m concerned, the time when spent much time to my studies was the most irregular. Now I spend more time and I improved my results and regularly

Have you had the opportunity to compete outside Spain?

Yes, this year I played the World Championship in Las Vegas (USA), and I hope to continue to participate in international tournaments. It’s a good way to raise the level

What is the player that you look to try to improve your game?

Rafa Guzman, for his consistency in his game. Always it has a high level, although not train enough. It shows a lot of security and few ups and downs in his game. Great player and person

Tell us a story that has happened playing pool

For they are many stories that have happened to me playing pool, but one of them is going to a junior tournament in Linares (Jaén) qualifying for the Championship of Spain Junior. There were 16 players and pass me I had to play with my brother. Go voltage heh heh 

Kharim Robles Playing Pool

How do you see the health of the sport in Spain today?

For in these times of crisis they face tournament participation has dropped dramatically, not only in Spain but throughout Europe

Why do you think has lowered the participation of players in national tournaments?

Crisis, players have their tightest economies can not afford the travel, participate in tournaments where little room to recover costs

Where do you think you can be the solution?

Facilitate the participation of players in tournaments, from national to local club, so that the costs are minimal

Why do you think that in Spain the pool is not a very attractive sport for the media?

It is a “minority” sports, so the media are not complicated.

What would you say to young people so that he was encouraged to practice?

They try, it’s really nice billiard world when you’re inside, you meet many people, compete and if you can travel a lot and know the world. Everyone I invite you to stop by the Balabushka Sala (Salamanca) since jueguee few games.

Is there anything you’d like to add ..

Nothing else. Thank you for the interview and for the great work you are doing. A hug.

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