El Chapolín Canario … according to Víctor Rodríguez

The Chapolin Canario … ACCORDING TO Victor Rodriguez

Today we are pleased to share this post written by tinerfeño bilar player Victor Rodriguez on Chapolin Canario.

Well, first of all I want to say that this is my opinion on this mode after three years in Chapolin Tinerfeño League and two in the league Chapolin Tinerfeño Flipper.

Here are the rules that I know and play today:

It is said that Chapolin Canario is a mix between games of pool and carom as the cue ball is as important as the others. It is to be adding points as balls enter. 

Usually played on a table 9 feet with a mat and carom bands. The table is divided into two sides: right (white) and right (red). It is played with 15 balls numbered 1 to 15 plus the cue ball. Each ball worth the number representing except the white ball is worth 10 points. The sum total of all the balls is 130 points.

Chapolin Canario

The balls are placed in order and numbered as shown above, with the ball 15 in the foot point:

Before you start the game both players should play the serve, measuring three bands (around the triangle) the player who most closely matches the band will choose band and serve. Each player will introduce balls in the band choosing, adding balls (points). It is attempting to enter the white in the serve and get 10 points, then pulled the ball of lower value in the table. 

No need to touch a ball band after contact with another ball, nor announce the small window (so they can enter several balls the same time and at any tronera). Faults will be penalized two shots. If a ball on the opposite side of the chosen, the player loses the ball (points) and the shift is introduced. At the end you win the player who makes 66 points (or 65 plus the cue ball, here is the importance of introducing the cue ball).

To learn more about the regulations and rules of the league in which my team participates I invite you to enter our profile Faceboo k; https://www.facebook.com/LigaBillarFlipper

In youtube, looking Chapolin explained Canario can find videos, plus various items. share a 

Well, once I explained the rules will describe some pros and cons of this approach in my experience:


– The estregia is very important in this game. Win or lose, it all depends on your way to read the game and your opponent

– The variety of players: regular, casual, offensive, defensive, neutral …

– The multitude of leagues on the island, with more than 200 teams in total in different areas of the island

– The fans and the overall atmosphere is very good

– The facilities in general are usually good for playing game

– The band plays generates a lot of confidence when it comes to them in other ways.

– Insert cue ball also helps a lot in combinations to pool modalities as 9 ball or ball 10

Chapolin Rules Canario



– Mouse and carambola bands. This is something that not everyone shares, but as a pool player I have to say this game is to cram balls and therefore control the cue ball is very important. And if we want to adapt to the pool, we start here

– Each battle is played 2 Won. It is true that because of this any player can win a showdown and that makes it appealing to this game, but for players who want to raise the level and train to get is usually a disadvantage.

– A ball leaves the table or a player touches the ball with his shirt is not considered missing

– There is no call shot, so the luck factor can influence a confrontation … and two wins


I hope also to know your opinion on this type of pool!

Victor thank you very much for this post and share their knowledge with everyone. If you dare to write about a topic that interests you’re all ears. Contact us and we tell you how.


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