Get to know better … Victor Rodríguez

Get to know better … Victor Rodriguez

Today we will have the opportunity to learn more about Victor Rodriguez, tinerfeño habitualemnte player who trains at the club Pool Cheer’s of San Miguel de Abona (Tenerife).


– is your love for billiards Since when?

For typical, first among friends to hang out in laughter plan. Until one day I went to a snooker club, back in 2006, where I noticed all around the world and I began to draw. I learned to put myself there, take the taco, give effect to the ball … in short all the basics. So aficionarme I started, thanks to the good atmosphere of players I had, and I made him eager to try to get to compete against them.


– What do you most passionate about this sport?

The atmosphere, the friendship, the people you meet, overcoming every day, the thrill of racing, make an incredible play and see that always learn something new in this world.


– What are the ways you practice?

Currently practical modalities 8 Ball, 9, 10, canary Chapolin and English pool. The one I like to train is 14.1 and I like playing ball are 9 and 10.


– What brand taco you usually play? Would you would you change to another?

I have a Predator SP4WR arrow “314-2” that truth is me pretty well and suits my game, although my intention in the future is to change to an arrow minor deflection.


Victor Rodriguez Playing Pool     Victor Rodriguez Playing Pool


– How often do you play every week? Do you think it is enough to improve your game?

Play about 3-4 days a week. To improve my need to compete more, here on the island is very difficult since there is little competition pool and my current situation does not allow me to travel as he pleased.


– What club you play normally? Do you think it is well conditioned for playing pool?

I belong to the “POOL’S CHEER TENERIFE”, where I am very happy, because we are all good friends. It is very well conditioned in material playing and people you learn a little more each day. I also play in the “VIVO TEAM” English pool equipment, where also the treatment of the players is very good and the camaraderie is great, plus optimal to play facilities. 


– What do you think they should do billiard clubs to attract more players?

Maybe they should get a little closer to the players in a personalized way, understand that for them is a sport and not a simple game. Offer good prices, good material, teach and encourage competition players … I think these would be the perfect conditions to attract more players.


– What has been your best game or tournament?

I did the best role this year in the Championship of Spain Absolute, where I unfolded largely my level. My best finish was 4th perhaps the 22th anniversary of the VNEA in tables 9 feet in 2008.


– Have you always had confidence in your game or, on the contrary, we have entered moments of doubt?

Always I have confidence in my game, I never look at the opponent against which I face. There are times when the head is not completely in the pool and that is where the “slump” is noted, so it is important to be relaxed and concentrated on the table while you compete.


– Have you had the opportunity to compete outside Spain?

Not yet.


– What is the player that you look to try to improve your game?

None in particular. I always try to “capture” the good of everyone and always something new you learn of any player.


  Victor Rodriguez    Victor Rodriguez Pole Poolmania

– Tell us a story that has happened playing pool

Well, that surprised me most was the Chapolin Canario two years ago, quite different from the pool as we know, a player with whom I faced while playing told my back “Besides putting the balls so lucky game that ball is facing is to put the next. ” Also playing the qualifier for the championship of Spain this year, local there were some flies and one of the players spread over his body the insecticide as a deodorant with the excuse that flies molested his game and thus will not would approach … I have so many, I think I could be writing all day !!!


– How do you see the health of the sport in Spain today?

The level of players in Spain is getting higher, and can be seen in the last championships in Spain, Europe and worldwide. Federations should support more the pool in this country and adapt to the current situation of the players.


– Why do you think has lowered the participation of players in national tournaments?

More by the crisis. Players do not have the financial means to travel, stay or pay the inscriptions. I hope that eventually this will change for the better.


– Where do you think you can be the solution?

This depends on the clubs, it’s time to create economic competitions for players according to their category and the local support to them in addition to encouraging players with some “extra prize.” It’s all about ideas and enthusiasm.


– Why do you think that in Spain the pool is not a very attractive sport for the media?

The lack of major sponsorships, that’s where the media move. The federations have much to do in this regard, and I think they should move a little more for the pool.


– What would you say to young people so that he was encouraged to practice?

If you really like, go to a real pool club … There you will see all around the world, meet its people and you’ll realize it’s not just a board game but also a real sport. Train with dedication and see that the results will be a motivation to be better every day, but mostly fun while playing !!


– Is there anything you’d like to add …

Thank you for your interest, congratulations for your work and thank you for supporting our favorite sport. Greetings to all lovers of the pool.


Victor thank you very much for taking the time for this interview ?

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